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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What distinguishes Ed Gordon's presentations from those of other speakers?
A. Three features - content, speaking skills, and published author  - are earmarks of Ed Gordon's presentations.

1) Ed Gordon is a recognized professional historian who offers his audience carefully researched information and engaging ideas.

2) His thoughtful presentations, engaging style and passion for history motivates people to rethink their views of the past and reconsider the future.

3) Ed Gordon's well-written books and article or references to the most authoritative historical sources back up what audience hears and sees

The bottom line: Ed Gordon is a dynamic presenter who speaks as well as he writes. He makes history come alive.

Q. What types of presentations can be arranged?
A. Ed Gordon provides presentations in many formats.

- Stand-Alone Presentations
- Keynote Speeches
- Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Speeches
- Workshops
- Panel Moderator
- Panel Discussion Participant
.Q. How does Ed Gordon make history come alive?
A. He uses several different methods to get his audience engaged in the topic:
1) Dramatic visuals
2) Careful customization of the topic to the attending audience
3) Providing audiences with the big picture and carefully filling in the details
4) Telling anecdotes and human-interest stories as part of topic development
5) Significant insights on historical eras and events
5) Encouraging audience participation appropriate to the presentation format desired

Q. How can Ed Gordon relate to so many different audiences?

A. Over his career Ed has communicated a love of history though his numerous  presentations to diverse audiences. He has spoken to or taught junior high through graduate students, teachers and professors, as well as given programs to business leaders and members of the general public. He has learned how to develop the breadth and depth of his presentations to suit each audience profile.

Q. Does Ed Gordon develop history programs on other special topics?

A. Yes, he would be happy to consider your requests on other historical themes. Many of his current programs were originally developed because of special requests. If he does not feel competent to deliver the program you require, he will make every effort to refer you to another historian with the requisite expertise and experience.

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